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Jane Bolstad
  Jane Bolstad, CFP®, B.Comm.
Trusted Financial Planning
Jane’s commitments to you:
  • To represent only your interests; to be your ally.
  • To not sell you any products, only to offer you unbiased advice.
  • To provide answers to your financial questions based on your needs.

As a Fee-for-Service Financial Planner  Jane does not sell any products, she only provides advice.

Jane is compensated on an hourly basis similar to an accountant or a lawyer. She is not compensated in any other way. This is your assurance of unbiased, objective advice.

If and when products are required to fulfill your plan, Jane can make appropriate referrals to trusted individuals/firms. She receives no referral fees from these.

Jane has been providing trusted, comprehensive, financial planning advice for over 20 years. She is a Certified Financial Planner(CFP), the most widely recognized designation in Canada and internationally. CFP designates are required to complete rigorous and relevant education, pass two national certification exams, meet specific work requirements, adhere to standards of Professional responsibility and an ongoing commitment to continuous learning to retain certification.

Jane is a University of Saskatchewan graduate (B.Comm) and has lived in Calgary since 1987. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family(including her dog), being outdoors , reading, and is a dedicated runner and fitness enthusiast.

Whether you are looking for

Financial advice without a sales pitch
Comprehensive financial planning or help with a component of your plan
A way to reduce the fees you are paying for financial advice

Jane can help.

How would you benefit from a financial plan?

Financial Planning has long been confused with the sale of investments – sales of investments/products should be the end result of the planning process, not a financial planning activity.

True Financial Planning involves defining your goals and then laying out an action plan to achieve them.

A financial plan can help you to:
  • Feel confident about meeting your life goals
  • Make the best use of your financial resources
  • Balance today’s needs with your goals for the future
  • Have a better understanding of your finances
  • Be better equipped to make day to day decisions
  • Prepare for unexpected emergencies
  • Feel in control